Services provided

Individual Adult Counselling: The Laurel Centre provides individual counselling to women in the areas of sexual abuse and compulsive coping behaviours. Our clientele comes from a diverse population within the Manitoba community and operates within a wide range of functioning behaviours. The objectives of counselling are to have clients relate current difficulties to their past, to help them develop alternative methods of coping, and to help them understand and recover from childhood sexual abuse.

Group Counselling: The Laurel Centre offers a variety of groups during the year to women and youth who meet the mandate of the agency.

Couples Counselling: provides the clients of our agency and their partners who face difficulties with relationships, the opportunity to do couple work in the areas of trust, intimacy, sexuality, and communication.

Youth Counselling Program: provides individual and group counselling to young women aged 16-24 years to help these young women recognize the issue of their victimization and to develop healthy coping mechanisms earlier on, thus leading to healthier choices for themselves.

Training and Awareness Raising: provide training and awareness workshops to professionals to increase their knowledge of the effects of childhood sexual abuse and resultant compulsive coping mechanisms used for survival.

Outreach Service: provides services to girls and women who require support but may not meet the therapy mandate of the Laurel Centre. The focus of this service is to help young girls and women to gain an understanding of what abuse and violence are while strengthening and developing personal boundaries to assist in creating safety in their lives. The Laurel Centre is involved in the Winnipeg Outreach Network as well as the Street Reach initiative which collaborate between social service agencies in Winnipeg to assist sexually exploited or at risk girls and women through providing support and resources.

Short-term Crisis Intervention Program: provides up to 6 sessions to clients on the wait-list for long-term individual counselling to develop coping skills and connect to community resources as required. This program is available for youth and adults.

Capacity Building Program: offers clients of The Laurel Centre and who are on the wait-list information on the effects of childhood trauma, trauma symptoms, trauma symptoms regulation and learning and practicing alternative coping strategies.

Follow-up Program: provides assessment of returning clients, providing shortterm counselling (1-8 sessions and up to six months) and conducting follow-up surveys.

Parenting Program: its objective is to improve the parenting skills of women who were sexually abused as children who have children between the ages of 0 to 6 years. The Centre offers three groups per year.